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Mediation / Business Mediation

People work in companies, and as a result conflicts occur again and again at different levels and between different people and groups. If these are simply allowed to escalate, there is often more than one loser in the final legal dispute.

Mediation, on the other hand, leads to a joint agreement in over 90 per cent of cases, the parties involved work together towards a constructive solution and often create a new, motivating and productive basis for further cooperation.

As experienced HR consultants and mediators certified in accordance with § 5 para. 2 MediationsG, we bring all parties to the table, regardless of position or function. You benefit from solutions that we find with

  • Employees, supervisors, departments, teams, management, works councils, personnel departments, workforces

and between

  • Customers, suppliers, project teams, purchasing and sales departments

create new understanding and collect and implement constructive suggestions.

Through mediation, you not only avoid lengthy legal disputes, your company usually also avoids the loss of valuable employees and know-how carriers, proven business partnerships are maintained and usually even intensified. By involving all parties in mediation in an appreciative manner, you can also establish a new conflict resolution culture.

In contrast to a legal dispute with an uncertain outcome and an open path through the courts, you can count on a clear cost framework in mediation. Feel free to contact us, send us an e-mail or call us directly, and together we will take the first decisive step out of a situation that is often very messy...

Communication and conflict management

Early, open and appreciative communication is basically the best conflict management, as no fronts can harden or subliminal conflicts can cause damage in secret. But if the people involved do not talk to each other at all, the conflict will only be recognised when "the worst has already happened" and becomes apparent through increased sick leave, loss of motivation, turnover losses or the departure of valuable top performers.

We counteract these risks and can effectively support you through our additional qualifications in the areas of systemic coaching and mediation before conflicts can endanger the livelihood of your company.

You profit from

  • intensive coaching of your staff to optimise and establish communication
  • proactive training of your managers to recognise and deal with problems
  • Cross-hierarchical team building measures and
  • Conflict mediation to avoid further disputes and find constructive joint solutions

Don't let it come to turnover losses or know-how leaks, create the conditions for successful conflict prevention now and lay the foundation for a sustainable communication culture. Simply send us an e-mail or call us directly, and together we will draw up a targeted roadmap ...


P.S. Personalberatung und -vermittlung GmbH Magdeburg has been primarily serving companies and applicants from the Saxony-Anhalt region since 2002 (no temporary employment or personnel leasing).

We support and relieve companies in filling a wide variety of positions through the competent placement of suitable specialists, managers and junior staff as well as specialists.

In the partner network of the PERSONAL TOTAL network, we fill vacant positions quickly and appropriately through a nationwide selection of suitable candidates.

Furthermore, we provide advice on human resources issues, especially in the case of corporate expansion, restructuring and reorganisation measures, or specifically on topics such as succession planning, personnel and management development, staff development and training, dual training, remuneration systems, etc..

We also see candidates as our clients.

If you wish, we can advise and accompany you in all phases of a career change. You can send us your application documents at any time, now also digitally via the Internet. If an advertised position is suitable for you, we will contact you immediately. We will also be happy to advise you (free of charge, of course) on professional orientation, career planning or the preparation of application documents.

We strive for a long-term and trusting cooperation with all parties involved. Absolute discretion, reliability and seriousness, consistent service orientation as well as honest and open communication are a matter of course for us.


Quality principles

  • PERSONAL TOTAL Magdeburg works in strict confidence and represents the interests of applicants and companies to the same extent. All information will only be passed on to the other side after explicit consent has been given.
  • As a matter of principle,PERSONAL TOTAL Magdeburg only takes on staffing assignments when all the information necessary for successful staffing is available. In this respect, a personal meeting on site at the company is very important at the beginning of any cooperation with a new client. A requirements profile drawn up together with the company then forms the basis for the search process.
  • PERSONAL TOTAL Magdeburg offers both companies and applicants prompt and confidential communication on the respective project status at every stage of the recruitment process.
  • PERSONAL TOTAL Magdeburg only presents people who are considered professionally and personally suitable on the basis of an interview and an analysis. We accompany the further process from the presentation to the signing of the contract within the framework requested by the company.
  • PERSONAL TOTAL Magdeburg guarantees to always treat all internal information about the company obtained within the scope of an order with the utmost confidentiality, even after the project has been completed.
  • All employees of PERSONAL TOTAL Magdeburg are subject to special confidentiality obligations according to the Federal Data Protection Act. At the beginning of their work, all employees are bound to this in writing by a special agreement.


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