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Consulting Technology Change

Established and traditional industries are increasingly affected by changes in their foundations and framework conditions at the beginning of the 21st century. The basis is changing, new and more efficient technologies determine long-term success.

Technology changes run through the traditional corporate structures just as they change the market mechanisms and market structures, from customer benefits to the competitive landscape, sometimes dramatically.

With our experience, we accompany necessary realignments of your company both to the changed market conditions and to an optimisation of the structures. Relevant questions are competently developed and answered together with the company:

  • Which market changes are relevant for the company's positioning?
  • Do you have the necessary technological and commercial know-how to be successful with the new technology?
  • What adjustments to the organisation are necessary?
  • How do the parameters of your company's future competitiveness change and how do we find necessary partners or strive for cooperations?
  • How do we implement the necessary changes efficiently?

Our consulting services range from analysing the current situation to supporting the successful implementation of a jointly developed and agreed catalogue of measures.

Development of distribution structures

Our modern and professional recruitment tools do not work on a function-specific basis; we fill management and specialist positions in all companies in our focus sectors.

We work throughout Europe in the field of filling sales positions and analyse the European markets not only for potential candidates for organisations there. We also find cooperation partners for you to take on sales tasks in existing markets or new markets to be established.

Along with the evaluation of potential candidates, we determine the suitability of cooperation partners based on a joint analysis, develop a clear search profile and scan the market.

Our personal experience and contact networks ensure that we can also find and establish a local market presence for your company.

Filling positions in the lighting market across Europe

The Lindau location has a Europe-wide candidate network for filling specialist and management positions in the lighting industry. We know the industry and will find the people for you who will successfully drive the lighting business forward for you in your home market or in your European branches.


PERSONAL TOTAL is one of the leading cross-sector personnel consultancies in Germany with a comprehensive network of consultants. DOCON Personalberatung GmbH is part of this successful network and works in the Lake Constance region from the Lindau/Weissensberg location.

Our core competence lies in the placement of specialists and executives in permanent positions. The PERSONAL TOTAL personnel consultants are specialists in defined areas and have detailed industry knowledge and a broad network in the respective industries through extensive experience as managing directors and executives.

We stand for professional personnel consulting with a focus on direct search for specialists and executives. Our own research and headhunting team finds exactly the employee you are looking for. We work in a structured manner and with the modern methods and instruments of professional personnel consulting.

In addition to the recruitment of specialists and executives (especially headhunting), we take over your advertisement management, create suitability diagnostics, carry out outplacement projects and, if required, handle your complete applicant administration. PERSONAL TOTAL is your competent partner for all your personnel needs!


Quality principles

  • We work according to strict quality guidelines and in compliance with all applicable legal and ethical guidelines on the basis of absolute confidentiality. This applies to information from and for our client(s) as well as for the candidates.
  • Openness, clarity and a willingness to perform stand for the value system of PERSONAL TOTAL Lindau.
  • Openness is the basis of cooperation. We only accept assignments on the basis of all information necessary for a qualitative search. Knowledge of all requirements and framework conditions is the quality basis of our work. We offer both the companies and the candidates prompt and confidential communication on the respective project status in every phase of the recruitment process.
  • Clarity stands for the definition and agreement of the objective and approach with our clients and candidates. We only start the search when the goal is clearly and unambiguously defined and the requirements are agreed. We clearly communicate the requirements, framework conditions and all other parameters of a future professional opportunity to the candidate. Only in this way can we achieve a high degree of congruence between the goals of the company and those of the employee we are looking for.
  • Willingness to perform is our commitment to you. We work for you until we have successfully completed the assigned task. Our candidates are committed to high performance and our approach involves working exclusively with powerful tools and methods.
  • Customer satisfaction, both on the part of the company and on the part of the candidates, represents for us the basis for a long-term, trusting cooperation.


Mode of operation

PERSONAL TOTAL works in strict confidence and represents the interests of candidates and companies to the same extent. All information is only passed on to the other side after explicit consent has been given.

As a matter of principle, we only take on staffing assignments when we have all the information we need to successfully fill the vacancy. In this respect, at the beginning of any cooperation with a new client, a personal meeting and an open exchange of information on all relevant features of the mandate are indispensable and form the basis of a successful cooperation.


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