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Recruitment of professional and managerial staff

At PERSONAL TOTAL , filling vacancies with capable employees is based on a multi-stage process that focuses on analysis, identification and pre-selection, as well as candidate presentation and project documentation.

The consistent orientation towards defined processes, from the joint clarification of candidate requirements to regular reporting on the status of your assignment, ensures transparency and high quality in the staffing process.

Strategic Human Resources Management

Strongly growing or larger companies have a constant need for qualified applicants. To ensure a continuous influx of suitable employees, PERSONAL TOTAL has developed a structured applicant management process centred on an internet-based workflow system.


Important components of strategic human resource management with PERSONAL TOTAL are:

  • Identification and development of all sources for potential applicants.
  • Merging of qualified applications into a client workflow system with all applicant data (picture, CV, references, interview remarks, results of aptitude diagnostics, etc.).
  • Establishment of worldwide online access by authorised persons of the clients (e.g. personnel officers, line managers).
  • Building up a company's own applicant database with interesting candidates.
Personnel and organisational development

The dynamic change in many markets requires not only an adjustment of structures and processes in companies. In many cases, management positions are also being re-staffed in order to accelerate the focus on customer requirements.

In these situations, it is indispensable to be able to promptly and objectively assess the personal characteristics, the performance as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the employees in the respective company divisions.

By using various aptitude diagnostics procedures, personal total enables its clients to answer the following questions:

  • Are the existing personality traits, characteristics and competences of the existing team sufficient to achieve the intended goals?
  • In which characteristics do the characteristics of the team members differ from best practice profiles or from norm profiles?
  • In which areas is there potential for qualification?
  • How can the most suitable candidates be found on the internal or external labour market?


To assess the potential of employees, PERSONAL TOTAL has developed more than 100 special norm profiles for different occupational groups and areas of responsibility, which allow an objective comparison with the profiles of their own employees. The norm profiles were developed, among others, in cooperation with the leading German newspaper for engineers - the VDI-Nachrichten - on the basis of a test with over 1500 participants.

Suitability diagnostics

The assessment of a potential new employee in the application process places high demands on all parties involved. Filling a position incorrectly leads to high follow-up costs in the future due to a new advertisement during the probationary period or suboptimal performance. The central question is therefore which candidate best meets the requirements of the specific job profile.

By using standardised aptitude diagnostic procedures that capture the personality traits relevant to the position, PERSONAL TOTAL supports the selection decision. Of particular importance here are best practice profiles of successful job holders, which reveal the characteristics of the open position that are critical for success.

To assess the potential of applicants, PERSONAL TOTAL can support clients with the following successful starting points:

  • Comparison of candidates with existing norm profiles: PERSONAL TOTAL has developed over 100 special norm profiles for different occupational groups and task areas, which allow an objective comparison with the profiles of applicants. The norm profiles were developed, among others, in cooperation with the leading German newspaper for engineers - the VDI-Nachrichten - on the basis of a test with over 1500 participants
  • Comparison of applicants with specially developed best practice profiles of successful job holders from your company.
Non-discriminatory candidate management

On 18 August 2006, the General Equal Treatment Act ("Antidiscrimination Act") AGG came into force in Germany. Numerous areas of human resources work are affected by the law, from the design of advertisements, interviews and rejection management to the organisational structure of the company.

The focus of the law is to prevent discrimination against applicants and employees with regard to

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race/ethnic origin
  • Religion/worldview
  • Sexual identity
  • Disability

By simplifying the possibilities for legal action and reversing the burden of proof, the law has led to a sharp increase in the litigation risk for companies.

To give you the assurance that all applications in your company are handled in accordance with the rules of the General Equal Treatment Act, PERSONAL TOTAL has developed an AGG-safe applicant management system that includes the following components

  • Non-discriminatory creation of the requirements profile
  • Use of AGG-compliant sources and job advertisements
  • Legally compliant conduct of candidate interviews, if necessary support of the selection decision by aptitude diagnostic procedures.
  • Implementation of AGG-compliant rejection management and project documentation

Separating groups of employees is not usually one of the daily tasks of HR work. In order to carry out this difficult but often indispensable step in a way that is as compatible as possible for both sides, the approach of PERSONAL TOTAL for a fair outplacement helps.

The focus is on a six- to nine-month support phase with the aim of taking up a new professional activity. The outplacement concept of PERSONAL TOTAL contains three phases that ensure high effectiveness and quality.

The following points are characteristic of outplacement from PERSONAL TOTAL :

  • Support of the application process by over 100 personnel consultants at more than 40 locations nationwide.
  • Unique market overview of job vacancies in more than 70 German-language daily, weekly and trade magazines as well as leading Internet job exchanges.
  • Internet-based application tool for creating a professional digital application portfolio and convenient application by e-mail.
  • Constantly updated overview of the status of candidates' application activities.

Successful outplacement on behalf of Deutsche Telekom AG

Commissioned by Telekom AG, PERSONAL TOTAL took over the group outplacement of around 600 junior staff in southern Germany.

After only 4 months, 55% of the employees involved in the process had left the company. After 7 months, it was even 75% of the junior staff.


As a partner of PERSONAL TOTAL , we have been working successfully at the Dortmund location since the middle of the year 2000 throughout Germany, especially on the Rhine and Ruhr, in the fields of personnel management and recruitment.

As a competent partner, we support both corporate groups and medium-sized companies in filling positions for specialists and managers in permanent employment.

In addition to our focus on personnel selection and assessment, we offer counselling in separation processes. Both companies and employees who have to leave the company - for whatever reason - benefit from this outplacement counselling. The goal is a low-conflict, rapid separation process and professional support for the employee to achieve a goal-oriented professional reorientation.

For successful business management, we additionally offer you both customised personnel and management development programmes as well as individual and group coaching.

Get in touch with us. We look forward to working with you as partners.


Quality principles

  • PERSONAL TOTAL Dortmund works in strict confidence and represents the interests of applicants and companies to the same extent. All information is only passed on to the other side after explicit consent has been given.
  • As a matter of principle,PERSONAL TOTAL Dortmund only takes on staffing assignments when all the information necessary for successful staffing is available. In this respect, a personal meeting on site at the company is very important at the beginning of any cooperation with a new client. A requirements profile developed together with the company then forms the basis for the search process.
  • PERSONAL TOTAL Dortmund offers both companies and applicants prompt and confidential communication on the respective project status at every stage of the recruitment process.
  • PERSONAL TOTAL Dortmund only presents people who are considered professionally and personally suitable on the basis of an interview and an analysis. We accompany the further process from the presentation to the signing of the contract within the framework requested by the company.
  • PERSONAL TOTAL Dortmund guarantees to treat all internal information about the company obtained in the course of an assignment with the utmost confidentiality at all times, even after the project has been completed.
  • All employees of PERSONAL TOTAL Dortmund are subject to special confidentiality obligations in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act. At the beginning of their work, all employees are bound to this in writing by a special agreement.


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