Packaging technology

More than 90% of the goods sold in Germany are packaged in cardboard, metal, plastic, composites or glass; behind every single package there is a long development and manufacturing process to meet all requirements in terms of quality, cost, manageability, shelf life, transportability, labelling, etc.

At the PERSONAL TOTAL Packaging Technology Competence Centre, we look after customers who cover the entire process - from the development and manufacture of the packaging machines to the production of the packaging itself.

We therefore not only have contacts with packaging engineers (m/f/d), but also with all other areas involved in the process, such as sales, materials science, mechanical engineering, control and automation technology, camera systems or quality assurance.

After a detailed briefing, in which all expectations, prerequisites and general conditions are clarified, the resulting comprehensive requirements profile forms the basis for successful staffing by our consultants.

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