Suitability diagnostics

In order to better assess the individual performance of specialists and managers, we use a scientifically based measurement and assessment method.
Personality traits relevant to the position are recorded using various analysis procedures. The results are evaluated by specialists and compared with existing norm and competence profiles. In this way, the potential of a candidate can be made visible in comparison to other representatives of his or her profession. This possibility of comparison makes aptitude diagnostics unique on the market.

The singular value in the profile is not yet meaningful, but only the comparison with the group makes the difference. On the basis of the profile, it can be made visible, among other things, which ability distinguishes (also potential) managers and to what extent important criteria for the position are fulfilled. It is a good idea to pay more attention to the characteristics with significant deviations during the job interview and to ask the candidate specifically about them. In this way, better suitability statements can be made about candidates and wrong appointments can be avoided. The procedure provides a non-discriminatory basis both for selection decisions in a structured recruitment interview and for candidate rejection.


Multi-profile matching

As a new innovative step in the field of aptitude diagnostics, multi-profile matching mirrors the candidate's result not only against a specific profile but against all norm and best practice profiles available to us.

The result is a ranking of position profiles where the candidate shows a high or higher match with other matching best practice or norm profiles. Thus, in a coaching conversation, our consultants can identify possibilities for the ideal next career step based on the candidate's personal fit. It may well be that this deviates from the original direction and opens up completely new perspectives.

This means real added value for the candidate in terms of career development opportunities.

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